Sunday, October 30, 2011

I survived a bridal expo.

Today, I went to a bridal expo at a hotel downtown. I got 4 free tickets, so I figured I'd check it out with three of my friends, Anna, Jacqui, and Erin. I called them my "bridal brigade."
We had a delicious brunch and then headed over to the hotel for an afternoon of bridal madness.
We checked in and I was handed a sticker to wear that said "V.I.B." Oh, Lord... I also got a cute new tote bag that was quickly filled with magazines, brochures, pamphlets, and business cards from the various businesses at the expo. There were vendors for all kinds of different things. We saw lots of bouquets, invitations, and tuxedos, and we sampled prosecco and cake. We even tried on rings! (Don't tell my friends' boyfriends, but they got in on the action with some gorgeous engagement rings while I looked at wedding bands.)

The headline event of the day was the fashion show.
This was my favorite dress. Love the lace jacket.
 Pretty, one-shouldered bridesmaid dresses
A tad short on the model, but I would definitely wear this in white as a bridal gown. I love the pleating around the hem.
 What do you think? Should I wear this hat on my wedding day? I'm thinking yes.
The expo wasn't incredibly helpful since we already have a lot of vendors booked, but I had a fun time with my girls. Who doesn't love spending an afternoon looking at pretty dresses with friends?

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