Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Practice Honeymoon

This past weekend, Adam and I took a trip to New York City. We went because flights were cheap and we wanted to get out of town for a weekend. Because it was happening exactly a year before our wedding weekend, I decided to call it our practice honeymoon. Despite a rough start to the trip, we had a pretty good time.

Adam hates New York. I love it and would move there in a heartbeat. To compromise, I promised to keep Adam out of Midtown and show him that New York has some character and charm, not just suffocatingly tall buildings and crowded streets.

We stayed with our friend (and wedding party member!), Phil, at his new apartment in SoHo the Village. Here we are at a delicious brunch that, despite serving Mexican food, turned out to be part of an Oktoberfest celebration on a cute side street in the Financial District.
We explored the Financial District and saw Wall Street and the new Freedom Tower being built.
We went to TriBeCa and saw the fire house from the Ghostbusters movies. Adam was excited about this one.
Even though I promised Adam he wouldn't have to go north of 14th Street, I did break that promise when we checked out the High Line. This park was built atop an old freight rail track in the Meatpacking District. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Manhattan. 
I considered this trip a success when, while exploring the cobblestone streets of the Financial District, Adam told me, "If I were ever forced to live in Manhattan, I think I could live down here. Lower Manhattan isn't so bad." A successful practice honeymoon, indeed.

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