Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bridesmaid Dress Hunt Begins

Now that I have selected my ladies, they need pretty clothes to wear.

In September, I found out that renowned bridal designer
Priscilla of Boston would be going out of business at the end of the year. Because of this, they are selling all of their sample gowns for super discounted prices. I got excited because they have really cute bridesmaid dresses. I tried to find this dress in grey.
I got obsessed and started calling every store in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas and Arizona that sells Priscilla of Boston. I called the NYC store before our vacation there. No one had it. So sad.

Then, the lady at the Beverly Hills store (I told you I was obsessed!) told me that they were actually still taking orders for this dress, which meant I could get it in grey!
The best part is that the dresses would be $69.99! I immediately called the Priscilla of Boston store in the Chicago suburbs to see if they had the dress in the store. They did! So I made the loooong drive out to Oakbrook Terrace in horrible rush hour traffic to see the dress in person and try it on.
 I tried on the sample dress in the color marine.
 I liked the detail at the top, and the dress was comfortable and flattering. It was also very supportive for a strapless dress, so the girls wouldn't spend the night pulling up their dresses.
The sample in the store was a navy color, but this is what the dresses would actually look like in grey.

Photo credits: Style Me Pretty

I got excited because I really liked the dresses, and the price was perfect. I told the saleswoman that I wanted to order 2 dresses in pewter. She told me to get the girls' measurements and that the dresses would be $149 apiece.

Wait, what?

Apparently, they were selling their sample dresses out of stock for $69.99, but because these would be ordered from the factory in pewter with the right measurements, they would be $149.

I was rather annoyed that I had driven all the way out to the suburbs to try on the dress with the information that it cost $69. I liked the dress and would've ordered it for $69. For $149, however, I figured we could find something better.

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