Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why September 29?

We are officially 10 months away from our wedding. Hooray! I can't wait to get married on September 29. But why September 29?

This is why.
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Adam went to Notre Dame, and I went to Saint Mary's College. Therefore, we are huge Notre Dame football fans. We go to nearly every home game and have game watch parties with our friends in Chicago for the games we don't attend.

We also wanted to get married in the fall. I didn't want to get married while still in school, so that ruled out spring 2012. I graduate from law school in May and then take the bar exam at the end of July, so summer was out, too. Winter seemed too far away, and we decided that Chicago's unpredictable winter weather was too big of a hassle to deal with anyway. Plus, fall is both Adam's and my favorite season. So fall 2012 it was.

Once we decided on fall 2012, the first place we looked was the ND football schedule. We didn't want our friends to have to sell their tickets to come to our wedding, so home game weekends were eliminated. We also didn't want everyone (ourselves included) huddled around the TV at the reception watching the game, so away game weekends were eliminated. There is only one Saturday in the fall that Notre Dame does not play football, and that day is September 29.

The wedding coordinator at Saint James Chapel laughed when we told her why we chose our date. Fortunately, we're used to people laughing at us for being Notre Dame fans.

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  1. You think your team is on the rocks, try being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan!!!