Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Said Yes to the Dress!

After trying on 28 dresses (I think) at 6 boutiques in 2 cities, I found my wedding dress!

What's that you say? You want to see a picture?

I know I've spilled a lot of details about the wedding on this blog so far, but the dress is one secret I intend to keep.

However, I did try on roughly 27 dresses that I did not purchase. Here are a few of them.
This Paloma Blanca was the first dress I tried on. I loved the lace, the shape, the keyhole back, and the sash. Basically, I loved everything about this dress...except the price tag.

This Lazaro ballgown was HUGE. You should've seen the amount of tulle underneath this baby. No way was I going to schlep all that fabric around Chicago all day long, but it was fun to try on a poofy princess dress.

My mom snuck a photo of this Pronovias dress in a boutique that didn't allow photos. I loved how tiny my waist looked in it, but I didn't like the lace itself. This photo was also about the time I decided I don't think I want to wear a veil over my face. It's kind of claustrophobic and you can't really see. No bueno.

The V-shaped neckline on this Wtoo dress was pretty and the dress was really comfortable, but it just didn't feel glamorous enough for a wedding dress.

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  1. And to think these were not the winners! The ultimate pick put all of these to shame. Can't wait.