Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Hot Right Now

Weddings, just like fashion, are influenced by trends. Without wedding trends, the wedding industry would die because there would be nothing new to sell to brides. I'm not a trendy person. I don't own jeggings or 5 inch platform heels. Adam and I decided early on that we didn't want to look back on our wedding in 20 years and see the 2000s version of these.

In some ways, though, it's impossible to have a wedding in 2012 and not have it look like it took place in 2012 (unless you deliberately go with a theme). So we decided to embrace the trends we liked and not do some of the things that are so hot right now but are decidedly not "us."

Wedding trends I love (and will incorporate):
  • non-white shoes
  • grey bridesmaid dresses
  • lace (I'm not sure you can call lace a trend, as lace wedding dresses are classics (my mother and her mother both wore lace dresses), but they're definitely in style now, thanks to Kate Middleton.)
Jenny Yoo
Wedding Bee

Wedding trends I like (but will not incorporate):
  • short, vintage-inspired dresses
  • yellow-and-grey color schemes
  • photo booths
Dolly Couture

Stephanie Williams Photography
Wedding Bee

Wedding trends that aren't my thing:
  • rustic chic (mason jars, bunting, outdoor weddings in fields/forests, barn weddings, antiques)
  • candy buffets
  • mustaches on sticks
  • Style Me Pretty
    Wedding Bee

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