Saturday, January 28, 2012

A wedding planning book for normal people!

As I've referenced a few times, I'm a huge fan of the blog A Practical Wedding. The blog focuses on the importance of the marriage you're creating and how to make sure weddings, above all else, reflect the love of the two people getting married.

Meg Keene, the blog's creator, recently wrote a book, and I just finished reading it.
A Practical Wedding c/o One Love Photo
If you are engaged, helping plan a wedding, in a serious relationship, or even just think you might want to get married at some undetermined point in the future, you should buy and read this book. There's helpful content about logistics and how to prioritize during the planning process, but what sets it apart from other wedding planning books is that it made me think about the choices I'm making. Meg's approach to weddings is that brides (and grooms) should choose what they want to include in their weddings because they really want those things, not because people tell them they need them. For example, there's an entire chapter on tradition and what a "traditional wedding" really means. Did you know that the unity candle was made up in the 1970s for a soap opera? So maybe if your mom* tells you that you HAVE to have that unity candle because "it's traditional," you can be better prepared to explain why you feel it's unnecessary.

My favorite part of the book was a list of questions thought up by the APW community to ask your partner before you get married. Adam and I spent a random weeknight going through these questions, and it was a great evening! The questions cover every topic from religion to money to how we feel about divorce.

Even though our wedding isn't exactly low budget, I think that we really are having a practical wedding, and this blog and book have helped me to determine what that means. It means that your marriage is the most important part of your wedding. It means that you include in the wedding only the things are important to you and your partner. It means focusing on the big picture. A practical wedding is one that you plan on your own terms, and I highly recommend this philosophy. So, go buy the book!

*For the record, my mom hates the unity candle. My mom is totally on Team Practical.

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