Friday, February 17, 2012

Che Bella

One of the biggest weddings of 2011 wasn't even a real wedding. Yep, it was the Twilight wedding.
I am not a Twilight fan (much to my Twihard bridesmaid, Lauren's, dismay), so I didn't really care about this wedding. Everyone seemed to freak out about Bella's dress, but when I started looking at pictures of it, something else caught my eye.
I loved the vintage comb she put in her hair! I've never seen anyone wear a comb just above their veil like that. I think it's so elegant and unexpected.
Now, I'm not going to go so far as to order a replica of it online...

...but I have been perusing the internet for vintage pins, brooches and hair combs so that I can recreate this look for myself.
I could even go for a comb with colored stones for my "something blue."
Kate Ketzal
My brother Christopher is studying abroad in Paris this semester, so I'm going to have him keep an eye out at flea markets and shops for a gorgeous comb, brooch or pin. I'm also planning on raiding my grandmothers' jewelry boxes to see if they have anything I could use for my "something borrowed."

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