Monday, February 27, 2012

The Day Before "The Day"

Traditionally, the groom's parents host the rehearsal dinner. Adam's parents told us early on that they wanted to stick to tradition on this one, which was fine by us. One less thing for me to plan! They wanted a casual feel with good food and beer, so an Irish pub seemed to be a natural fit, especially with our shared Irish heritage, love of Saint Paddy's Day, and Notre Dame affiliation.
A few weeks before Christmas, Adam and I decided to head downtown and try out the Irish pub closest to the chapel. The Kerryman would've been a great space, but we weren't wowed by the food, which was a deal-breaker.
When Adam's and my parents were in town for the wedding dress hunt, we tried out our second choice: Fadó. The food was pretty good...except the fish and chips. That was kind of a deal-breaker because everyone would want to eat fish and chips. Plus, the space where we would've had the rehearsal dinner wasn't very conducive to togetherness and toast-giving as it was broken up into lots of different small booths.
The next night, after we finished shopping for dresses, we went to Rock Bottom. It's not an Irish pub, but it is a brewery, which fit the same casual environment we were looking for. After a delicious dinner, we decided it was a great fit.
(From left to right: Daddy Lamping, Adam's parents, Adam, me, Bridesmaid Lauren, and Maid of Honor MoMo)

The next day, Adam, his parents and I walked through the event space with their event coordinator. It's a big, beautiful room with a bar and big windows overlooking State Street. We'll even have access to the rooftop terrace if the weather is nice! I can't wait to spend the night before the big day with our closest family and friends, enjoying a delicious meal and locally brewed beer.

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