Saturday, February 25, 2012

Register? I barely know her!

It took us two weekends, but Adam and I have completed the registry process! We started off last Sunday afternoon at the Water Tower Macy's. I do not recommend going there to start your registry. They got rid of their registry department recently, so they don't have a great selection. What they do have is not very well-organized. I felt very overwhelmed, so we didn't last very long.

The next day, we took advantage of having President's Day off and went to the Macy's in the old Marshall Field's on State Street. That trip was much more fruitful.

We registered for sheets...

...and a KitchenAid mixer.

We picked out gorgeous china, and our registry consultant set a full place setting for us so we could see what it would look like on our table.

We spent about 2 hours in Macy's that day picking things out. I have never spent so much time in my life thinking about place settings as I did that day, and I probably never will again. I felt like a real grown-up. Simultaneously, I felt like I will never be a real grown-up because I refuse to own crystal stemware and silverware that costs $300+ per place setting.

This weekend, we finished rounded out our registry trifecta by going to Target and Crate and Barrel. We didn't register for much at Target, but we did pick out a bunch of board games.
That was pretty much the only reason we registered at Target, actually. That and tailgate supplies for Notre Dame games.

Crate and Barrel was where we really hit our stride. We were in and out in probably 45 minutes (which explains the lack of photos), but we registered for all of our glassware and serving dishes there. Our Macy's registry is our "We're cook gourmet meals and have dinner parties" registry, and our Crate and Barrel registry is our "We like to have parties and booze it up" registry. Guess which one of these is aspirational and which one is true to life.

Even though I wasn't super excited about it, I had a lot of fun registering. Adam, on the other hand, LOVED it. He was in charge of the gun at every store (with close supervision. I had to talk him out of registering for a Blu Ray player at Target.), and knew exactly what he wanted.

Now I just hope they don't discontinue everything before September!

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