Friday, March 16, 2012

Changing My Mind

Adam will tell you that I don't like to admit when I've made a mistake, but I'm going to own up to my mistake right now. I have changed my mind about bridesmaid dresses. I wrote before that I have two bridesmaids and I left it up to them to pick their dresses. This winter, they did.

Over my spring break, I went to visit Lauren in Kansas City. When I was there, she showed me her dress. Then, the following weekend, my sister came home for her spring break and spent a couple of days with me in Chicago. I got to see her dress then.
While I liked both dresses separately, I didn't like them together because they were completely different shades of grey. I thought I wouldn't mind the different shades, but when looking at the pictures side-by-side, I did.

Now that I've decided I want the same shade of grey, I've realized that I can't have them both pick out their own dresses, especially when they both live hundreds of miles away from me and I wouldn't get the chance to see the dresses in person. So I have to pick for them, which means we're back to square one. Sigh. Add it to the to-do list!

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