Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Football and Weddings

This recent New York Times article discussed the difficulty of scheduling a wedding around college football. I've already discussed how Adam and I scheduled our wedding around Notre Dame's football schedule, but football has impacted our wedding in other ways, too. We'll be cutting our honeymoon short a few days so we can be back in Chicago to watch the Irish take on Miami at Soldier Field the Saturday after our wedding.

Notre Dame football was important, but we had to consider another team's schedule because my brother Christopher plays football at DePauw University.
Next year will be his senior year, so we wanted to schedule our wedding on a weekend where he wouldn't have a game. But DePauw changed conferences this year, so the schedule wasn't set when we got engaged. In fact, their schedule just came out last week, and unfortunately, he'll have to miss a game to attend our wedding. Sorry, Toph! At least it's not their big rivalry game.

And then there's high school football. My youngest brother, Joey, plays football at Bishop Luers High School, and he'll have to miss his game on the Friday night before our wedding. He'll be a sophomore next year, so I feel less bad that he has to miss the game considering he probably won't be a starter. It's still a bummer, though.

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