Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm with the band.

When I thought about my engagement ring, I had a very distinct vision of what I wanted. I knew I wanted either an Asscher or emerald cut center stone with some small side stones and no pavé diamonds along the band.

When it comes to what kind of wedding band I'll wear, though, I am all over the place. There are so many great options, and I just can't decide! My only requirements are:
  1. Either a plain band or an eternity band (where the diamonds go all the way around).
  2. A thin band. My engagement ring is very delicate, and I don't want the band to overpower it.
  3. Not a curved band. Even though straight bands won't fit flush against my engagement ring, I'd like the option to wear the wedding band alone, and a curved band would look strange by itself.

This is the most traditional (and cost-efficient) option.
I could go with a classic diamond eternity band.
 I love this ring because of the symbolism of 2 strands weaving together to make one.
 This would be the "matching" band for my engagement ring with Asscher cut diamonds.

I fell in love with this ring while shopping for engagement rings. I've never seen anything else like it.

This ring is a twist on a classic. I like how you can see the beauty of each individual diamond.
See? There are so many choices? How am I supposed to choose?

Which one is your favorite?

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