Monday, March 26, 2012

Roll Call

You know the guest book, right? The satin-covered book with lined pages and a matching pen?
Well, those are out. Nowadays, everyone has fun, nontraditional guest books. And I totally get it. There's nothing fun about a list of names in a fancy book that'll just get tucked in a box somewhere. Pandora's box has been opened, and now we have about a million options.

Wedding Bee
There's the Polaroid guest book, which would be a lot easier if Polaroid hadn't gone and discontinued their instant film. You can still get instant cameras and film, but they're rather pricey.

Style Me Pretty
We could have everyone sign bottles of wine to be opened on different anniversaries. This could be perfect for us because we're big wine people.

Martha Stewart Weddings
Then there's this gorgeous thing from Martha Stewart. I love the bright colors and the idea of opening letters from all your friends and family. Plus, it'd give me an excuse to go to Paper Source.

StarDust Celebrations
As a nod to the creation of a new branch of the family tree, a popular choice in indie weddings is the thumbprint wedding tree guest book.

Wedding Bee
My cousin and her husband did this at their wedding several years ago, and it's hanging in their house. I love that because they see it everyday, unlike a lot of these.

There are so many choices! What's your favorite guest book idea?


  1. I want to say I read about Quaker marriage certificates on A Practical's kind of a blur at the moment. But those are my favorite. I love the idea that every single person at your ceremony is giving their blessing and good wishes in the simple act of signing, and that it can easily double as a framed piece of art.

    1. Funny you should mention Quaker marriage certificates because there will be an upcoming post on those. Stay tuned. :-)