Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video Killed the Radio Star

It started after a friend-of-a-friend's wedding was posted on Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago. Adam and I looked over the pictures and watched the wedding video.

When we created our wedding budget, we addressed the issue of videography and dismissed it pretty quickly. We figured that we'd rather spend our money on great photography instead of splitting that section of the budget between the two and have a mediocre photographer and a mediocre videographer. We figured that we would hang the pictures on the walls of our home, but we would never watch the video.

But after watching Rob and Nich's video, I realized that video brings out qualities that photos just can't, like hearing the vows and toasts, and seeing the couple's first dance.

So I did what any good lawyer would do in this situation: I did some research. Good videography is pricey. We would easily spend roughly the same amount on a videographer as we will spend on our photographer, and I'm not sure I can justify going over our budget by that much.

I found a more affordable DIY option in which you get 5 HD flip cameras, hand them out to guests on the wedding day, and send them back where the footage will be edited into a video. The only problem with this is the quality of the video. It's obvious that everything was recorded on a hand-held camera, even if it is HD. To me, that's like having all our wedding photos shot by my point-and-shoot camera. It's better than nothing, but not ideal.

So now I'm back to square one. Should we fork over the cash, or go without a video? What do you think? If you had a wedding day video, is it something that you'd absolutely include if you had to do it over?

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