Monday, April 2, 2012

A Beautiful Contract

Marriage is a lot of things. It's a loving, committed relationship between two people. It's the creation of a new family. And it's a legal contract.

Jewish brides and grooms sign a ketubah, a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement, before their ceremony.  Historically, the ketubah protected the wife in the even that her husband died or divorced her. Today, the ketubah is more of a marriage certificate than a legal contract. More importantly to this non-Jew, they're gorgeous pieces of art that commemorate your wedding day and the promises you made to one another.
Quakers are able to get married without an officiant. A Quaker marriage is validated by marriage certificates signed by the bride, groom, and all the guests present. In other words, it is the guests who declare the bride and groom married instead of a single officiant.
Ampersand Ink
I love the idea of doing something like a ketubah or Quaker marriage certificate as a guest book. I think it would be a beautiful way to be reminded every day of our wedding, the vows we took, and the community of people who have supported us in our lives and relationship.

We could get our calligrapher to customize something for us that matches our invitation suite and stationery. I love this piece she did of the couple's vows.
Sparrows Nest Script
We could incorporate a photo of Chicago, like this Boston ketubah.
Rochelle Frank
Or we could add a fun 3D accent like this.
All Things Paper

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