Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking Tradition

There are lots of traditions associated with weddings. Some people think a wedding just isn't a wedding without them. But Adam and I will be skipping a few traditions that aren't our cup of tea. Here are a few.

Father/daughter aisle walk
Photo by Andrew Collings Photography
This is something I've already discussed, but BOTH of my parents will be walking me down the aisle at my wedding, not just my dad.

Unity candle
Sonja's Brides
No one is really sure where and when the unity candle originated, but it was made popular in a soap opera wedding in the 1980s. We won't be incorporating this "tradition" because we figure that the act of getting married is already pretty symbolic of unity.

Wedding cake
Wedding Fashion
I don't want to disclose too many details about this, but our wedding cake isn't going to look like this.

Garter toss/bouquet toss
Photo by 5th Floor Photography
This is something that Adam and I disagree on a little. Adam abhors the garter toss. He doesn't feel comfortable going up under my dress in front of our grandparents, and I don't like that either, so we're definitely nixing the garter toss. I, on the other hand, always have fun going out for the bouquet toss at weddings and think it's a fun tradition. But it seems a little strange to toss the bouquet and not the garter, so I think we're eliminating the bouquet toss, too. But who knows? Maybe I'll decide to unofficially toss it into the crowd at some point.

Which traditions are you keeping and which are you nixing for your wedding?


  1. Have both guys and girls try to catch the bouquet. Or throw something else interesting and meaningful to you guys to the mixed gender crowd?

    1. One thing I've thought about is not having him take the garter off me and just handing it to him instead, and then having the girls on one side, the guys on the other, and doing the toss at the same time. I feel like that might require too much coordination, though.