Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A florist-free wedding

Photo via / Flowers by Kloeckner Preferred Flowers
One item on my to-do list for this month was to decide on a florist. After suffering sticker shock from the estimate we received from the most affordable florist on our vendor list and a successful attempt at DIY bouquet-making, Adam and I have decided not to hire a florist for our wedding.

I promise we're not crazy! We've eliminated boutonnieres and will be having non-floral centerpieces, so all we have to do is make bouquets. During my trial run with my sister, it only took us about 20 minutes to make one bouquet, so this should be easy to do the morning of the wedding.

Because flowers were such a low priority for us, eliminating a professional florist was a good way for us to save a lot of money and make up for places where we've gone over-budget.

Would you ever go florist-free?

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