Thursday, May 10, 2012

Engagement Pictures

Lovey-dovey pictures ahead!

Last weekend, we ventured to South Bend to take our engagement photos at Saint Mary's and Notre Dame, our alma maters. Our photographer had never been on campus before, so we took him on a whirlwind tour of the places that are most important to us and our relationship.

We started out in and around my dorm, Le Mans Hall. 
 Then, we walked over to the bridge at Lake Marian. The superstitious believe that if you cross the bridge with a boy, you'll marry him. I sure hope so!
 We enjoyed the leafy scenery at SMC in our fancy clothes...

 ...before changing and heading over to Notre Dame for some prayers at the Grotto.
 We had to get some shots beneath the Golden Dome.
 Then we walked to South Quad...
...and ended up in front of Dillon Hall, Adam's dorm.
 We showed off our fancy footwork and footwear.
 We cuddled in the gorgeous light.
Then it was time to show off our school spirit and our priorities (God, Country, Notre Dame).
 No newcomer's trip to campus would be complete without a visit to Notre Dame Stadium.
 We had to teach Andy how to show his ND spirit.
 Sadly, our time on campus had to come to an end, so we walked back to the car just in time to catch the last rays of light.

We had a great time with Andy (and his girlfriend/helper/ND alumna, Amy) and can't wait to work with him again in September. You can check out more of our pictures on his blog.

I'm glad that we have these beautiful photos in a place that's so special to us. I look forward to using them to brainwash our future children to become second-generation Belles and Domers. (Kidding. Kind of.)


  1. What beautiful scenery! Your pictures are so lovely! It's great to have a place full of so many beautiful sights and memories.

    I love the Touchdown Jesus picture - I actually wrote a 10 page paper about Touchdown Jesus in college, lol. (I went to Valpo so we were right down highway 2.)

  2. LOVE IT! Great shots, love how you had a few outfits! Nice jeans ;)