Tuesday, May 15, 2012

With this ring, I thee wed.

I've already shown you the many rings I've tried on in the search for the perfect wedding band, but there's another piece of jewelry that will be purchased: Adam's ring!

We started out with a traditional wedding band, but Adam quickly decided he wanted something with a little more flair.
Blue Nile
Milgrain was also shot down because Adam said it reminded him of a coin.
Blue Nile
Adam's dad has diamonds in his wedding band, and for a long time, Adam has said that he also wants diamonds in his wedding band.
Fey and Co.
I loved this ring, but Adam wasn't so sure about diamonds after all. He thought it might be a bit too flashy for day-to-day wear.

So he moved onto something a lot less shiny: satin-finish metal.
Blue Nile
Dimend Scaasi
 He really liked this style. He tried on variations of this style in white gold, platinum, and tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a lot cheaper than gold or platinum, but it's a brittle metal and might not stand up for a lifetime of wear. I'm really sentimental and would be very sad if the ring I gave to Adam on our wedding day broke. I told Adam I'd rather pay more money and get a more reliable metal.

We haven't picked a final ring yet, but it will be white gold with a brushed finish in the middle and a high polish finish on the edges.
I think it looks pretty good on him, and I can't wait to put it on his finger in September! What do you think?

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