Friday, June 29, 2012

Chair Dance

I'm not referring to this kind of chair dance (although it is awesome).
The one I'm talking about is more proverbial. It has to do with these.
Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants LLC
Our venue comes with chairs. For free. Well, not free, but they're included in the venue's rental price. Here's what they look like.
Fun fact: This is the first photo in my "wedding planning" photo folder.
They're not great. Certainly not as pretty as these gorgeous chiavari chairs (as seen in our venue).
The Murphy Auditorium
Jessica Johnston Photography
 Sigh. So pretty.

After seeing the "free" blue chairs and then plenty of wedding porn featuring chiavari chairs, we asked our caterer to include chiavari chairs in the estimate.

They were over $1,200.

That's a lot of money, but we told ourselves it would be worth it to make our venue look that much prettier. It would put that extra-special touch on our reception. It would be worth saving money somewhere else to pay for them.

I told myself that we needed the chairs for a couple of months. Then I realized it was ridiculous. No one's going to notice the chairs. Well, maybe some people will, but the vast majority of our guests will just sit on them. Do we really need to spend over $1,200 on something people will just sit on? That money could be spent on extra hours of photography or more food. Besides, the blue chairs aren't so bad. They're Notre Dame colors, and they look pretty good in these pictures.
Photo by Mattson Pictures via Style Me Pretty
Husar Photography
That pesky WIC can really sneak up on you sometimes, but I'm glad we realized that free chairs are perfectly fine. And if I ever doubt my decision, the good people over at A Practical Wedding always have my back.
A Practical Wedding

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