Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gotta Have Faith

In Saint Peter's Square in 2006
Choosing to get married in the Catholic Church has been an unexpectedly difficult choice for me. Adam and I were both baptized as infants, grew up in the Catholic Church, and met at Catholic colleges. Getting married in the Catholic Church was the logical choice, and I never considered a different option.

But I struggle with my faith sometimes. I struggle with reconciling the Church's definition of marriage with my own definition. The Church believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. I disagree. The Church believes that the husband is the head of the marriage. I disagree. The Church believes that married couples should leave it up to God how many children they have. I disagree.

So why are we still getting married in the Church? I believe in God, and I believe that faith is an important part of marriage. It's important to me to take our vows in front of our friends, family, and God and receive all of their blessings on our marriage.

But we could get married in a nondenominational Christian ceremony, so why a Catholic wedding specifically? Catholicism, no matter how flawed, is a part of who I am. This is my culture. This is how my family has always gotten married. Furthermore, Holy Matrimony is one of the seven sacraments, meaning that Christ Himself marries us, not the priest performing the Mass. I find great beauty, comfort, and familiarity in the ritual of the sacrament and the accompanying Mass. I really can't imagine getting married any other way.

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