Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream

No, I'm not talking about this. (Although it is glorious. Take notes, Anne Hathaway.)

I'm talking about this:
Bridal Buds
I never had recurring dreams...until I got engaged. Throughout the past 10 months, I've had recurring dreams about the wedding. Or, rather, everything going wrong at the wedding. At first, everyone showed up the morning of the wedding, but we had no plans. Then, once we made some plans, I dreamed that it was the morning of the wedding and I had nothing to wear. Then I bought a dress, and I dreamed I had no veil or shoes or jewelry. Now, I'm starting to think about a timeline for the day, so I'm dreaming that everything is chaotic and no one knows what they're doing. Just last night I dreamed that we forgot to pick up my ring!

You'd think that with under 4 months to go, everything is pretty much planned and my brain would run out of things to stress about. It's funny how things that I'm not even that stressed about in real life (like finding jewelry to wear) pop up in my dreams as crises.

Do you have recurring wedding dreams?

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  1. YES. It is so bizarre. I usually don't dream much at all, at least not that I remember, but I've had several random wedding dreams in which very few people actually show up for the party. And then there was a really weird one where all these random people I haven't seen since high school threw me a shower. But it was a BABY shower. People kept congratulating me on the baby, and I kept repeating "I'm not pregnant, I'm getting married!" They ignored me. I woke up rather confused. :)