Friday, July 20, 2012

A Second Honeymoon

I could really use a vacation after all this studying is over (5 more days!), but I'll have to wait until October when Adam and I will fly to Cape Cod for our honeymoon. I can't wait! It will be the first real vacation we will have taken together in 2 years, and I'm sure it will be so much fun. But it will be a quick trip because we have to get back to Chicago before the Notre Dame game at Soldier Field the next Saturday.

But this isn't stopping me from dreaming about a long, exotic honeymoon. Adam and I love to travel, but haven't done an international trip in the entire time we've been together. (Well, unless you count visiting his family in Canada.) I recently learned the German word "fernweh," literally meaning "farsickness," or an ache for far-away places. This perfectly describes the way I've been feeling lately. So for our one-year wedding anniversary, I want to take a trip that will satiate my fernweh and put a stamp in my new passport. But where to go? Well, I have a few ideas.

A visit to the Land of the Rising Sun is at the top of my list. Adam and I both studied abroad in Europe in college. I loved traveling around Europe, but the culture there isn't that different from American culture. Traveling to Asia would be a bit of a culture shock, and that's exactly what I want. Highlights in Japan would include taking in the architecture, taking a dip in the hot springs, and eating sushi and Kobe beef.
South America
More specifically either Argentina or Chile. I have heard amazing things about Buenos Aires and Santiago. Both cities are in the middle of world-class wine regions, and Adam and I love wine. It would be fun to swap seasons for a week or two and enjoy springtime in September. Highlights in South America would include going to a soccer match, eating delicious beef, and drinking glasses of yummy Malbec.

Thailand has a great mix of bustling cities and gorgeous beach destinations. A good friend of ours has visited Thailand several times and raves about it. The flight is long and expensive, but once we're there, it would be pretty cheap. Highlights in Thailand would include visiting old Buddhist shrines, shopping in the Bangkok markets, swimming in the Gulf of Thailand, and eating all the curry I could handle.

US Green Chamber of Commerce
Can you tell I really want to go to Asia? China fascinates me because of the culture. China has really been sequestered away from the rest of the world due to the Communist government, so it's not as influenced by Western culture as many other Asian countries. I would love to see what life is like there. Adam is less convinced that going to China would be awesome, though. Highlights in China would include walking on the Great Wall (a bucket list item for me), visiting the Forbidden City, and seeing pandas.

Which destination would you pick? Is there anywhere in the world you're dying to visit?

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