Monday, July 16, 2012

Fling Before the Ring

There are lots of pre-wedding festivities nowadays. From engagement parties to multiple showers, it's a lot. But the one I'm most excited for is my bachelorette party.

Normally, I'm not a fan of bachelorette parties. It's nice to have a girls' night out, but I can do without the cheesy tiaras, pink feather boas, penis paraphernalia, and all the hooting and hollering.
Not my idea of a good time / Glamour Magazine
Thankfully, my lovely bridesmaid Lauren is 100% on the same page and has planned a classy evening on the town for me consisting of a private dinner at a trendy sushi place downtown and then drinks somewhere nearby. And I have the invitation to prove it!
Doesn't she have the best handwriting? I'm jealous.
 I love how she decorated the envelope with a stamp, pretty paper flower, and message on the back.
I kind of hate the color pink, but that seems to be the only color bachelorette party invitations come in. (They also all have pictures of stilettos and/or martini glasses on them.) Lauren found this Tiffany blue beauty, and I love it. I think Audrey herself would approve.

I am really looking forward to putting on a pretty dress and having a fun night out in my city with all of my girlfriends. I'm especially excited that my friend/bridesman Phil will be flying in from NYC to join the festivities! (My liver, on the other hand, is terrified.)
Can't wait to be reunited with these two!


  1. Ah so exciting! Mine is coming up too. The typical bachelorette party is also not really my thing, so we are just doing a day at the beach followed by dinner and drinks. I'm nervous the drinks part will get a bit crazy, I can't drink how I used to!

    1. That sounds fun! Just pace yourself. ;-)