Friday, July 13, 2012

Flipping Out

This post by Mrs. Snow Cone on Weddingbee made me nervous. In it, she discusses why she regrets not hiring a videographer for her wedding. Adam and I did not budget for a videographer, but I think it would be nice to have some video from the day. As I've discussed before, pictures can't fully paint a picture of a wedding. Enter:
Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for a traditional videographer, Adam and I are going with a semi-DIY option. With Wedit, we'll get 5 HD cameras to capture the wedding day. Afterward, we'll get access to editors and all the raw footage if we decide we'd rather edit everything ourselves.

Adam's a little concerned about the logistics of getting the cameras to people, getting them all back at the end of the night, and assigning people to record the things we want to be recorded (vows, toasts), but I'm confident we will be able to figure it out. Our video won't be professional quality, but it's certainly the best compromise between dropping thousands on a pro or having nothing at all.

Did anyone else do DIY videography? How did it work out for you?


  1. We weren't going to have a videographer, and then I thought I might regret it. I was thinking about doing wedit or storymix or something like that, but I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough space on them/the battery would die and also, like you, I wasn't sure of the logistics of handing them out and stuff. In the end, I decided to hire a full-fledged videographer. I'm still nervous the huge cameras are going to look out of place in our century-old church.

  2. Now I'm worried the battery will die! I'm going to put on the pre-wedding to-do list: charge camera batteries.

    Usually the cameras are pretty good at staying out of the way during the ceremony. At the last wedding I went to, I only really noticed them during the dancing because they were on the dance floor getting shots.

  3. What a fabulous concept! I had already asked the hubby of one of my bridesmaids to film at least the ceremony using a flip cam or something, but this might be an even better idea in order to get lots of footage options! Hmmm...