Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The PWC (or post-wedding chop) is a phenomenon that happens in the bridal world. Women get engaged, grow their hair out for the wedding, and then cut it off once they get back from the honeymoon.

When Adam and I met, I was a freshman in college. My hair was super long after years of growing it out because of an unfortunate experiment in layering in 8th grade.
Me and my bridesmaid Lauren (and Yoda) at a dorm party freshman year
That summer, I decided I needed new look. I finally got over my fear of layers and chopped off about 8 inches.
With Adam (before we started dating!) and our friend Tim at a ND pep rally in 2006
 It stayed at pretty much this length for the next 4 years when I got it cut really short.
With my friend (and our accompanist!) Nicholas in NYC

Right before we got engaged, I started to grow it back out. (Writing this blog post is making me realize that every 5 years or so, I get bored with either short or long and want to have the opposite.)
At a White Sox game a few weeks before we got engaged
 Then we got engaged and I was like, "Perfect! I want to make sure I have long hair for the wedding so I can get whatever I want done to it!" So I let my hair get nice and long.
Engagement picture by Andrew Collings Photography
But, the thing is, I hate having long hair. I don't know what to do with it, so it ends up either going in a ponytail or just hanging there. And when it just hangs there (which is most of the time), it gets stuck under my purse or backpack straps. The only thing I like about long hair is that I can braid it. For the past two months or so, I've been grumbling about how I can't wait to chop all my hair off after the wedding.

So, today, I decided to go from this:
Side note: How awesome is my shower curtain? Adam better not make me throw it away when I move in with him.

To this:

So much better! My hair looks bouncier, healthier, and - best of all - more like me. Sure, I may have limited my wedding hair options, but I decided it wasn't worth 3 more months of hating my hair for a single day. My PWC was a PRE-wedding chop, and I don't regret it for a second.

Besides, my awesome friend Kathleen horrified her mother when she chopped all her shoulder-length hair off a few months before her wedding, and she looked hot.

Did anyone else do a PWC (pre-wedding chop)?

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  1. Very nice! Trust me, I've thought about doing the same thing. But after a year and a half of growing it out, I am going to hold out! I envision a post-wedding chop in my future, though.