Monday, August 13, 2012

It's like rain on your wedding day

The weather in Chicago lately has been cool and rather fall-like. It's such a welcome relief from the heat, and I love it.
It's also making me excited for the wedding! After sweating through a dress fitting on a 90-degree day, I'm hoping the weather will be nice and cool on our wedding day. If we follow history, everything should be just lovely. The average high on September 29th in Chicago is 70 degrees, and the record high is 85 degrees.

I hope it doesn't rain just because it makes everything easier, but I actually love rainy days. Plus, it's supposed to be good luck. If it does rain, I'll make sure we're prepared with:

Alternate indoor photo locations
Adam and I love our city and it's gorgeous skyline, but if it rains on our wedding day, we're lucky that the architecture is also beautiful on the inside of buildings, like Union Station:
Heather Parker Photography
and the Sears Tower's Skydeck:
Angel Eyes Photography
They make for cute photos, and you can sing Rihanna, which is always fun.

Anika London
100 Layer Cake / photo by Edyta Szyszlo
When I lived in Ireland in college, I discovered wellies. My Hunters are now a rainy day necessity, whether I'm wearing jeans or a wedding gown.

Elizabeth Anne Designs / photo by Leslee Mitchell
Carmen and Ingo Photography
What are your thoughts on rainy wedding weather?

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