Monday, September 17, 2012

A Ring to Rule Them All

We have just under 2 weeks to go, and we finally have wedding rings! Well, Adam has had his for a while. We've just been waiting on mine.

I asked you all to help me decide which ring to get. People overwhelmingly favored the ring with baguette and round diamonds. I asked Adam which one he preferred, and he liked that one, too. Sold!

I placed an order at the beginning of June and was told 6-8 weeks. In August, my ring came in...a size too small. Because it's an eternity band, the jeweler couldn't just resize it. Instead, he had to send it back to the company who made it and get a whole new ring. With about 6 weeks until the wedding, I was nervous about the timeline. They told me it would be 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, they told me it would be another week. With 15 days until the wedding, I finally got my ring. It was worth the wait because I love it.
I love how delicate it looks on my finger.
I think it complements my engagement ring without being too matchy-matchy.
But mine won't be the only new piece of jewelry introduced at the wedding. Here's Adam's new ring.
I took his ring back to the jeweler this week to get it engraved with a special message on the inside. My parents did that and I've always thought it was a really cute idea. Because my ring is an eternity band, I can't get it engraved. Instead, Adam is going to get my engagement ring engraved. We picked out our own rings and have seen them before the wedding, so the rings aren't surprises, but the engravings will be.

But the engraving won't be the only secret message in my ring. My wedding band looks like Morse code with the dots and dashes, and as luck would have it, a dot and a dash are Morse code for the letter A!
Atlas Aviation
Isn't that cute? I can't wait to wear it everyday.

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