Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bearing Gifts

One thing on my to-do list this week is to find something for our ring bearer to carry the rings in. The traditional vessel is a pillow...
David's Bridal
...but I don't have time to make one and the selection at Michaels wasn't the greatest. Plus, there are much more fun options out there.

Like Mrs. Cannon's ring plate
Mrs. Cannon on Weddingbee / Photo by Mary Wyar Photography
Or a personalized ring bowl
Paloma's Nest
Or a book

In the end, we didn't go with any of these choices. Inspiration struck on one of my many recent Michaels trips when I saw a wooden box. I bought it and Adam painted it gold.
(Yes, it is sitting on top of discarded menu cards. I might have printed too many.)

On top of the gold paint, I used gold gilding for extra shine.
Here's a picture with my flash on so you can see how reflective the paint is.
We'll put our rings in it for the wedding, and afterward, I can re-use it for jewelry storage. Much better than a pillow we would've just gotten rid of after the wedding.

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