Monday, September 10, 2012

Licensed to Wed

Last week, Adam and I checked off a major item on our to-do list: we got our marriage license!
Surprisingly, it was a quick and easy process. I met Adam in Daley Plaza at 11:45 and we were out of the office by noon. The lady behind the counter was really nice and congratulated us several times. The only snafu was that I had to call my dad because they ask you what states your parents were born in and I didn't know. (Turns out, he's a native Illinoisan! Who knew?) It was also exciting for me because one question they ask you is what you do for a living, and this was the first time I was able to answer "attorney."

There were lots of couples there presumably also getting their marriage licenses. It was exciting to see so many engaged couples, but sad that none of them were same-sex couples. In Illinois, all we have to do to get married is pay $60, be over the age of 18, and not be related. Unfortunately, same-sex couples aren't afforded that same right. I had originally planned to mail in a letter of support with our marriage license after the wedding, but that seems futile considering our county clerk and governor already support legalizing same-sex marriage. Hopefully the law will soon reflect their open-mindedness.

Was it easy for you to get your marriage license? Are you planning on using your marriage license to make a point about marriage equality?

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  1. Marriage license hilarity right here. Tim and I walk into St. Joseph's County Clerks office. They look at us once, ask us if we were cousins, request $60 in cash only, and then we leave. End of story. HA!