Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The RSVP Breakdown

I love RSVP blog posts because I think it helps people figure out their own logistics, so here's mine!

We invited a total of 176 guests to our wedding. Here's how those 176 people broke down:
Our final guest count is 114 (including us). That means that about 65% of the people we invited are coming.
The 35% attrition rate is a little higher than we anticipated, but we're excited that it means we'll be able to spend more time with the people who are making the journey to Chicago.

Speaking of making the journey, we are having quite a few out-of-town guests. Adam and I have said that our wedding is a destination wedding for everyone but us, and that's almost true. 82% of the people we invited to our wedding don't live in Chicago.
Of those 145 out-of-town family members and friends, 58% will be attending the wedding.

Our local friends (and 2 family members) had a higher acceptance rate at 80%.
I have a big family (7 sets of aunts and uncles and 21 cousins (excluding their spouses and children)), and I'm excited that a lot of them are able to make it.
Adam's family is a bit smaller, but since he's the first grandchild to get married, it's quite the family event. A lot of his family members will be coming in from Ontario for a whole week and making our wedding part of their Chicago vacation.
Our wedding is a bit smaller than expected, and of course there are people missing from our guest list that we would've loved to be there, but we're happy that the smaller guest list will allow us to really spend time with our nearest and dearest.

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