Monday, September 24, 2012

What's Your Number?

After looking at lots of interesting table number ideas, we decided to go the traditional route and do numbered tables.

I was inspired by Mrs. Mink's table numbers: a painted wooden number on a patterned background.
Mrs. Mink on Weddingbee
I want to incorporate more of the black and white stripes from our ribbon belly bands in our décor, and I figured table numbers would be the perfect place to do this. I printed off a black-and-white-stripe pattern I found online and popped them in our double-sided Ikea frames. I figured I'd go to Michaels, buy wooden numbers, paint them gold, and glue them onto the frame. Easy peasy, right?


I went to Michaels. They had about 8 different types of wooden letters, but no numbers. So I went to a different Michaels. They had numbers! But they were bigger than our 4x6 frames. Then I went to JoAnn's Fabrics. They had wooden numbers that were the right size...except the number 1.

Clearly, my plan was not working, so I created a new plan. I figured I would buy gold paper and cut out the numbers with an Xacto knife. After cutting out a single number 1, I decided this was a terrible plan. I would've taken me forever to do, and any digit with a curve in it (basically anything that's not 1 or 4) would've looked awful.

I went back to JoAnn's Fabrics because they told me they got a new shipment of numbers in. But, of course, once I got there, I discovered that they didn't have enough.

But this story has a happy ending! While I was watching The Today Show, Martha Stewart demonstrated her circle cutter. I decided it would look really cool to cut circles out of the metallic gold paper I bought and write the numbers on it using the same calligraphy from our invitation suite.
The white paint pen blended into the gold paper, which made it kind of hard to read. Since table numbers need to be legible to be useful, I tried the calligraphy on paper that matches the place cards and the invitation envelopes.
More legible, but also a lot more boring.

But then it hit me! I could combine the two!
Even though this is my plan D (or E or F or maybe even G), I think they turned out pretty well! What do you think?

Did you have any DIY disasters?


  1. I wish you had PMed me! I still have the numbers and am happy to loan them out...but your solution is fantastic, so you don't need them. :)

    1. You're so sweet! I never even thought about asking. haha Your wedding looked beautiful on SMP today!