Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I've talked about my initial dress-hunt failure, my inspiration, and how I changed my mind. But I never told you which bridesmaid dresses I chose in the end! Oops!

I wanted floor-length, grey dresses. After I decided the mismatched look wasn't going to work, I started looking at options. I looked at traditional bridesmaid dresses and I also looked around at department stores. On Macy's website, I found this dress.
Macy's - saved to my computer in February (similar)
I loved it. I loved the one-shoulder silhouette, the brooch detail on the shoulder, and the way the fabric drapes over to one point on the hip. It's so flattering. But they didn't have my sister's size in stock online, so the search continued.

One day, I was killing time downtown before an evening class by wandering around Macy's. I decided to poke around the formal dress department to see what they had. Lo and behold, they had this dress! In my sister's size!

I tried on the dress...

...loved the way it looked, and put the dress on hold for my sister. I came back the next day with my Macy's card and got it with a discount! Fortunately, they had Bridesmaid L's size online, so she just placed an order (also with a discount code) and got the dress mailed right to her apartment in Kansas.

The benefit of buying dresses right off the rack at the department store is that no one needed alterations. They looked great on the wedding day!
Sassy Bridesmaid L strikes a pose on the wedding day
Did you (or would you) buy your bridesmaid dresses from a department store?

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