Friday, October 19, 2012

Newlyweds in New England: Nantucket

We woke up on Wednesday morning to fog and a light drizzle. After a delicious, hearty breakfast at our B&B...
Seriously, how good does that look? I can guarantee you it tasted even better.
...we hit the road to Hyannis to catch the ferry to Nantucket.

I did not approve of the license plate frame and variety of stickers on this car. Go Irish! Beat Trojans!
Remember when USC lost to Stanford and we beat Stanford? It's basically like we've beaten them already!
We boarded the ferry in Hyannis Harbor...
 ...and then we were off!
I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me 'cause I'm sailin' on a boat!
An hour later, we pulled into Nantucket.
Oh, hi, Nantucket! Nice to meet you!

The Grey Lady was particularly grey, but I thought it was perfect. Because of the weather, we knew we wouldn't want to rent bikes and ride around, so we bought tickets through the Steamship Authority for a 90-minute bus tour of Nantucket instead.
As we were waiting for the bus to leave, a truck pulled into the harbor's parking lot. Its bed was full of locally grown cranberries!
The driver dared someone to jump up on the bumper of the truck to take a photo. I rose to the challenge.
I got fresh-squeezed cranberry juice all over my shoes as a result. Totally worth it.
I tried to steal a handful, but couldn't quite reach. Bummer.

Also in the harbor parking lot was this car, straight out of the '60s. Note the bumper sticker.
We set off on our tour of the island. We drove from downtown all the way over to 'Sconset.
We saw lots of the island's signature grey-shingled houses. I am obsessed with them. Someday, I will win the lottery, and use my millions to buy a tiny house on Nantucket. (That's all I'll be able to afford, even with my new baller status.)
Here's what the shingles look like when they're brand new. The grey color takes a little over a year to develop.
We stopped at a cranberry bog, too. Maybe that's where the berries in the harbor were from? I was sad that it just looked like a regular field. It only looks like an Ocean Spray commercial when they're actually harvesting the berries, and we just missed harvest by a week or two.
There are gorgeous hydrangeas in all different colors all over the island. They reminded me of our wedding and made me smile.
After the bus tour ended, we returned to downtown and grabbed a quick lunch. We broke our seafood streak, but the grilled chicken and mozzarella panini was delicious. No regrets.
In our attempt to eat locally, we discovered that this juice is actually made in Plano. Oops.
With full bellies, we set off shopping on Main Street. Isn't it adorable with the cobblestones?
These signs were rather appropriate for the occasion.
One of our stops was Murray's Toggery, home of the original Nantucket Reds. Adam and I both picked up a pair.
After we were done shopping, we hit up the Whaling Museum. Inside is the skeleton of a 46-foot-long sperm whale that washed ashore in 1998.
Here's a picture of it on the beach near 'Sconset.
This is what whale oil looks like. It's called spermaceti and was taken from the head of the sperm whale seen above.
We learned about the history of whaling and the process of turning whale oil into candles. This is the press used to refine the oil.
It was quite a profitable industry, at least until kerosene was discovered and wiped it out in the late 1800s.
 On the roof of the museum, guests can take in panoramic views of the harbor and downtown. It was foggy, but still beautiful. Here's the harbor.
And here's a view of downtown.
After the museum closed, we walked around town. We saw the oldest house in Nantucket, built in 1686. Chicago hadn't even been discovered yet!
We stopped in at a bar called Brotherhood of Thieves for a pre-dinner drink. We had to drink locally, so I had this pumpkin ale (duh) from Cisco Brewers located on the island.
We finished up our day in Nantucket with dinner at Corazon Del Mar. If you are ever on Nantucket, you have to eat here. It was probably my favorite meal of our whole trip. Adam got some oysters to start...
...and we also shared the guacamole. For dinner, I had the yellowfin tuna tacos and deluxe rice and beans. Adam ordered the skirt steak. Everything was incredibly tasty, especially the margaritas. It was seriously one of the best margaritas I've ever had, and I am a margarita connoisseur.

We grabbed dessert at The Black Dog Tavern, and with full bellies, boarded the last ferry back to the mainland. Nantucket sure did treat us well. I can't wait to come back someday!

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