Monday, October 15, 2012

Newlyweds in New England: Shipping Up to Boston

The day after our wedding, Adam and I packed, went to brunch, and then left for the airport. After a quick 2-hour flight, we landed in Boston!
On the plane
We jumped in a cab and headed to our hotel, the Marriott Long Wharf. Our room was at the end of a The Shining-like hallway.
But that's cool because it meant we had an amazing view of the city and the water.
During the day
At night
A little peak at Boston Harbor
We set down our suitcases, changed our clothes, and made the short walk over to the North End for a late dinner at Panza. It was Adam's mission to eat seafood for every meal on our trip, so we started off with the mussels in fra diavolo sauce. Mussels are one of my new favorite foods, and these didn't disappoint. I soaked up as much of the spicy red sauce as I could with my bread. (Adam said it was improper to eat it with a spoon like soup. That didn't stop me from getting a couple of spoonfuls, though.) For dinner, Adam kept going with the seafood theme and had the lobster ravioli. I went with the penne amatriciani with pancetta and roasted eggplant. Everything was amazing and exactly what I'd hoped from our North End Italian experience.

After dinner, we walked around the North End and popped into Vito's Tavern for a couple of beers. I discovered Harpoon's UFO Pumpkin, a local brew. This is a public service announcement for anyone in New England: go buy this beer right now. It is amazing. Some people love fall for pumpkin spice lattés, but I don't drink coffee. My fall beverage love is pumpkin beer, and this was one of the best I've ever had.

On the walk back to our hotel, I stopped to pose with a sports legend, the incomparable Larry Bird. I'm an Indiana girl, so I was excited to follow in Mr. Bird's footsteps. Literally.
But even after a bottle of wine at dinner and a beer at Vito's, we weren't quite ready for bed. We were on our honeymoon! It was time for celebration! So we stopped in for a night cap and some live music at The Black Rose.

After a long day and many drinks, we practically fell into bed that night, ready for an even more exciting day on Monday.

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