Monday, October 22, 2012

Newlyweds in New England: Thar She Blows

We woke up on Thursday to another foggy day. I hoped it wouldn't impact our day too much because we had tickets to go on a whale-watching trip, and I really wanted to see some whales. We departed for Provincetown.
We arrived in Ptown and went out to the pier to board our boat.
Provincetown Harbor
Once we boarded the boat, the staff distributed pamphlets describing the different types of whales we might see, as well as the history of the marine wildlife refuge we traveled to.
Studying up
We began the long trip out to see. At first, there were a few pretty things to look at. Does this lighthouse look familiar?
How about now?
Yep, that's the lighthouse on the stamps we used for our save-the-dates and RSVP cards! Pretty cool!

After watching Cape Cod disappear in the distance, we waited for whales to appear.
We saw a few small minke whales, but they were far away, and I don't have any pictures of them.
Waiting is tiring. We needed location-appropriate snacks to refuel.
Wait, there's one!
 There's two of them!
We watched these two humpback whales (William and Manhattan) for about half-an-hour. The would surface, blow, and then go back down. It was pretty cool because they were really close to our boat, but other than that, they didn't really do anything exciting...until Manhattan decided to show off and slap his tail on the water for a while.
Sadly, our time was coming to an end, and we had to get back to shore. Bye, Manhattan! Hope you find your dad!
Super excited after seeing whales
By the time we got back to shore, we were starving. We stopped for lunch at the closest restaurant to the pier, Ptown's famous Lobster Pot.
Adam had his first and only lobster roll of the trip.
I opted for the fish and chips. I know. You're shocked.

Then we hit Commercial Street for some shopping. The scene at this store best-describes our entire honeymoon experience: us and the blue hairs.
The fog lifted just enough for us to see the top of the Pilgrim Monument.
I was a little disappointed in Commercial Street. From what I'd heard, I thought the shopping would be great, but I thought Chatham's Main Street was much better.
We called it quits on Ptown and headed back down to Harwich. We stopped in Orleans to play a round of mini-golf.
They had a koi pond, which was pretty cool.
I staged an epic comeback on the second 9 holes, but fell short by one stroke. Sigh.
After I lost to my new husband, we got back in the car and drove back to our B&B to get ready for our last dinner on the Cape. We got dressed up (I channeled my inner Kennedy and went full-on nautical-inspired) and went to Ocean House in Dennisport.
It was fantastic. If it hadn't been pitch black by the time we arrived for our 7:30 dinner, we would've had panoramic ocean views. I recommend going for lunch or going to dinner before sundown to really get the full ambiance. We had the tuna tartare ice cream cones to start, which were just as fun as they sound. For dinner, I had the scallops and Adam had the lobster ravioli. It was the perfect end to our Cape Cod honeymoon.

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