Monday, February 25, 2013

One Treasured Day: Life's a Beach

We had a three-hour break in between our ceremony and reception, which gave us plenty of time to take photos around the city. Adam and I put a lot of thought into which parts of our beautiful city would provide the best backdrops for our wedding photos. My #1 location was North Avenue Beach, which is where we started out, because I think it has one of the best skyline views.

We got off the trolley and headed over to the water. If you want to attract a lot of attention, gather a group of people wearing tuxedos and gowns and parade around the beach on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon.

We started off with photos of the wedding party.

Then we split up and got guy pictures...

...and girl pictures.

It was really hot in the sun, so while the boys were taking photos, I took the opportunity to cool off by lifting my dress up all lady-like.

The photographers were excited by my blue shoes.

Evidence of the sunny weather. I wanted to dive right into that water.

After I cooled down, we made sure to take individual photos with our wedding party members.

Adam and I got some solo shots...

...before combining forces.

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