Friday, February 22, 2013

One Treasured Day: Trolley Time

Once we finished taking formal photos on the altar, it was time for even more photos. We had three hours between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of cocktail hour to take photos around Chicago. If you'll recall, we hired a trolley for the occasion.

We made our way out of the chapel and paused for a few photos in front of the building.

Then we loaded up and drove away to begin my favorite part of the day. My nerves melted away once we boarded the trolley. The ceremony was finished and there were no guests to entertain. I got to hang out with my best friends and siblings and roll through my favorite city on a gorgeous day. Simply heavenly.

We popped a bottle of Champagne...

...and made our way through Chicago while rocking out and having a dance party.

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...
"So I put my hands up, they're playing my song!"

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