Friday, March 22, 2013

One Treasured Day: Let Them Eat Cake

I recently revealed that we decided to have cakes for centerpieces. Because we didn't have a traditional wedding cake, we didn't have a traditional cake cutting. Instead, what we did was walk around to every single table and cut everyone's cake. It was 1) a great way to visit every one of our guests, and 2) eat lots of cake (at least in theory).

I say it was a good idea in theory because I hardly ate anything our entire wedding day, including cake. We cut the cake on our table first, and took a bite. I only got a bite of the frosting on my fork, and the sweetness made me want to hurl. At the next table, we took a bite, and my stomach had the same reaction, so I told Adam that we'd just cut everyone's cake and not eat any from then on. So, yes, I only ate 2 bites of cake at my wedding. Oh, well.

I made the cake stands for each table from dollar store glass candle sticks and plates. Unfortunately, the glass glue that I used to glue the pieces together was faulty, and almost every cake stand fell apart while the catering crew was setting up. Our cakes literally hung in the balance during the first half of our reception. A member of the catering team followed us around the room, and after we cut the cake, he sliced the cake for everyone and removed the faulty stand from the table. Every single table was fine...except for one. After we took this picture...

...this happened.
Yep. That's an upside-down cake. Fortunately, one of our friends grabbed it, flipped it back over, sliced it, and served it up. No cake left behind!

Personal photo

We had 12 tables and 12 different flavors of cake. Every table had a frame with the cake's flavor. Our guests scoped out what flavors other people had and started a cake-based economy. There were a few filled cakes (pumpkin spice, mixed berry, peanut butter, salted caramel...). Those were popular, as were the two chocolate cakes.

One cake was specially decorated for my cousin's 18th birthday, which was on our wedding day. My brother got up and led the crowd in singing happy birthday to her and to my uncle, whose birthday had been the day before.

The cake centerpieces were one of the best decisions we made for our reception. They were a huge hit, and I would definitely recommend it if you want to step outside the box.
All photos by Andrew Collings Photography unless otherwise marked

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