Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Treasured Day: Raise Your Glass

As soon as the wedding party sat down and before the salads came out, both of our dads got up to speak. My dad reminisced about my childhood, the first time he met Adam when we started dating, how he couldn't believe this day was here, and how he was so happy to add another son to the family.

Then, Adam's dad got up and said a few words. He started out by saying that there are certain life events where everyone remembers exactly where they were when it happened. Like 9/11. He tied it back in by saying he'll never forget when Adam was born, but we still like to tease him about that time he brought up 9/11 at our wedding. He welcomed me to the family, and toasted to our bright future together.

My uncle/priest gave a quick blessing...

...and then the salads came out. During the salad course, the maid of honor and best man gave their toasts. My little sister started.

She talked about how when we were little, she wanted to be just like me. We are a very theatre-oriented family, and she said I was always the director. She charmed everyone with embarrassing stories about how I used to get my door taken off the hinges when I'd slam it in the heat of an argument. Because we shared a room, that meant she also spent a significant portion of her childhood without a bedroom door.

She welcomed Adam to the family. We already have 3 brothers, but she said she already knew that Adam was going to be her favorite.

Adam brother, B, was up next. He gave a short, but very sweet speech. He welcomed me to the family, and said that while he's always looked up to his big brother, he has never been prouder of him than he was on our wedding day.

Finally, we got up to say a few words. I let Adam speak on our behalf because my nervous stomach had returned. He thanked everyone for coming, told them how much they mean to us, and said that we wanted to toast to them.

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