Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Treasured Day: Stopping Traffic

Our next photo stop was the one we'd been most excited about. If you're familiar with The Loop (Chicago's business district), you probably know the gorgeous view down LaSalle Street. It's a wide boulevard with the gorgeous Board of Trade building at the end. Lots of brides and grooms pose in the middle of LaSalle Street with this vista behind them. We wanted to do it, too.

Logistically, it's difficult. There's an (I think) 18-second light cycle at the intersection we chose. That means we had 18 seconds to get in the middle of the street after the light turned red, take photos, and get back out of the street before the light turned green. Fortunately, our photographer's team and our trolley driver were very helpful when it came to stopping traffic.

Turns out, the traffic itself is often interested in saying hi to the happy couple.
We lined everyone up on the sidewalk so that when the light changed, we were all set to snap photos. It took us a few light cycles, but it was worth the effort for these gorgeous, traffic-stopping photos.

This is my favorite photo of us from the whole day. I love that you can see my blue shoes!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the chaos.

After about 7 minutes, we had gotten all our shots and were off to our final photo location!

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