Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Treasured Day: Group Photos and a Late-Night Snack

One thing I really wanted was to get photos of our families together. While the dancing was going on, but before things got too crazy, we called our family members up to the stage to do a big photo. This is my giant Irish family. (And this isn't even everyone! We're missing at least 15 people.)

Next up was Adam's family. They're a slightly more manageable size.

Finally, we took a photo with all of our friends from our college musical theatre group. Most of them live in Chicago with us and have become our pseudo-family here.

After we took group photos, our caterers brought out the final surprise of the evening: our late-night snack. As soon as Adam found out we could have mini Chicago-style hot dogs on the dance floor, he insisted we get them.

They were delicious and very popular with our friends and family members. I was happy that my nervous stomach had subsided, so even I could enjoy one.

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